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DEAR SOPHIE are talented Graphic Designers, and Fashion Designers who believe that minimalism - like nothing else - lets babies develop their imagination.

That minimalism - simple forms, neutral colour pallet, original prints - is key of their designs.

On top of that - the highest quality of cotton as well as nature inspirations and a full image of their brand is created.

DEAR SOPHIE is 100% made in Poland: Projects are created, designed and implemented in local sewing factories, following "fair trade" philosophy.


Dear Sophie clothing items are made using European sizing which is based on the height of your child for more precision instead of weight or age. The best way to work out which size to order is to measure the height of your child (head to toe) in cms.

Height = EU Size

For example, if you have a toddler whose height is 95cms, the recommended size would be a size 98 for some wiggling and room to grow into.

As with most clothing brands each label can vary slightly in sizing and accordingly you can size up or down to find the perfect fit.

Please refer to the sizing chart included in the images of each item for exact measurements.


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Mermaid Mint Dress
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Black Basic Pants
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Mint Basic Pants
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Reef Blue Shorts
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Reef Blue Pants
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Reef Blue Romper
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Reef Blue T-Shirt
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